On-Premise Phone Solutions

Having an on-premise phone system means that all the physical hardware and phone lines from the provider are stored at your business location. This lets you enjoy the same benefits of using the internet to make and receive calls and translates to having better control of your telephony system if technology issues do happen. It is a convenient alternative for those who are not quite ready for a fully hosted VoIP system.

Want to have a secure on-premise phone system that brings you the benefits of a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) with full Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity? TDS can make this happen for you.

The benefits of TDS’s On-Premise Phone Solutions include:

  • Freedom to create, adjust and remove users as preferred
  • No need to pay for more license fees when adding new open source features
  • No need to switch carriers
  • Spend less on call costs by installing more VoIP trunks
  • Ownership of servers means less spending over time
  • Having Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking means loss in internet connection doesn’t necessarily mean cut communications