I have retained TDS at my former and current place of business. Even though I moved to Atlanta from Northwest Georgia I continue to use TDS to handle all of my IT needs. The distance has in no way effected the response time nor the priority to any issue presented to them.

TDS has put forth extra time and effort to solve what, at times, could be seen as small issues but issues nonetheless. I highly recommend TDS.

The guys at TDS are my "go to" guys for all things Phone and IT support related. They never fail to help me with the simplest issues to recently a complete recovery of my computer system. I highly recommend them for their superior service and technical knowledge. I always get advice about what products or services to make my office more efficient and provide better customer service for my clients.

Did I mention they do all this affordably and without making me feel stupid in the process? I can't say that about any other IT companies.

Thank you so much for all TDS does for us. We get calls every week asking if vendors can come by to talk about our needs and quote IT services. We tell them, “No thank you, We are very happy with the services we receive now.”

For many years TDS, Inc. has been our IT consultant. They have managed our computer systems and networks to keep our business running smooth and flawless.

TDS employees are intelligent and motivated. They are more than capable of maintaining and managing any IT needs you or your company may possess.

As our IT consultant, TDS has completely changed the way we manage and run our entire network, and the way we organize our data.

Nothing is lost and everything is always up to date. The TDS staff is always very professional, and cordial around all of our staff and clients, and has earned the trust of our company and several others.


A recommendation is easy to give when a company has quality, service and on-time principles as their basis for doing business. Therefore, recommending TDS for your Communications and IT Consulting needs is definitely ranked among the best in the business.

We chose the Mitel 5200 Communication Platform for our two locations, Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Our configuration and implementation consisted of a pair of T1 PRI’s at our locations and a pair of networked Mitel 5200’s over a Managed MPLS. TDS’s experience and expertise was seen and felt due to a very smooth and on-time implementation. TDS also implemented fax servers for both locations utilizing DID numbers from our T1 PRI.

I highly recommend TDS to your firm as well as other businesses in your area.